Atila I can’t believe we made it the making of –

I Can’t Believe We Made It


Musicians recorded at Angel Studio

Tommy Laurence for musical arrangement

Vocals recorded by Darren Williams at The Drum Den Studios

Mixed by Darren Williams at the Drum Den Studios

On his last project “King For A Day” we heard Atila perfectly pay tribute to Nat King Cole. Now in his own words, on this classic but contemporary track we hear him pay tribute to all of the greats whilst still managing to make us feel we have been brought something new and spectacular.

“I Can’t Believe We Made It” a song about his own musical and personal journey that could easily have been written about yours, and I have no doubt you’ll be singing along to this warm, triumphant chorus as if it were. “I Can’t Believe We Made It” is your love story, your own perfect movie moment!

Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr and Michael Buble are all fair comparisons, but it’s Atila’s own brilliance and special touch in both the vocal and the words of this track that makes us so excited for what’s to come!..